LIKE Precision Technology Co., LtdCustomized Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding


LIKE is an environmentally

responsible silicone company exclusively focused on the production of customized injection molded
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) parts and LSR overmolded parts.

Customized Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding--LIKE

Gathered more than 20 R & D engineers in the liquid silicone industryProvide customized services and solutions for different demands.

Custom map Custom-made Concept customization Collaborative development

01water proof

LSR injection molding can be used to customize various grades of water proof and dust proof products.

02shock proof

LSR is a high molecular weight elastomer that can effectively decompose kinetic energy; good physical and mechanical properties and good resilience

03dust proof

Use special treatment technology of surface molecular structure from Germany,so that liquid silicone products can achieve a smooth texture & dust proof..

04Soft skin-friendly

Unique molecular structure of active functional group,delicate texture,can be used in soft skin-friendly products


Food grade,medical grade raw material,non toxic,tasteless,safe and environmental friendly,it can pass multiple certifications.

LIKE-water proof
LIKE-shock proof
LIKE-dust proof
LIKE-Soft skin-friendly

LSR Project Case StudyHigh Precision Technology LSR Injection Molding


Our production ability4 core advantage · ensure the product quality

01R & DProfessional, with lots of patents

R & D center, has more than 20 senior engineers.

Work with 2 colleges, and build 2 special testing lab.

Got more than 100 Patents on the LSR industry.


02Production abilityAutomated manufacturing & precision management .

20,000 square meter product base. 2 floors for 100,000 level dust proof work shop.

More than 30 Imported automated production equipment, to fulfill customer’s demand.

Use pull-type production system to achieve fine management and adopt German precision injection technology


03Quality control abilityHigh standard and monitor the production process

Pass ISO9001, ISO13485,ICTI, Sira.

Strictly follow the quality control standard system higher than industry standards to ensure product quality

Use ERP system to monitor each process and trace the source of each product.


04Good ServiceOne project is followed by one person, to ensure from the beginning to the end is under control.

Engineers provide the customize solution for each project, to achieve customers’ demand.

From the design , mold opening, samples confirm, mass production, shipment, we provide the good service.

Set up the speed up new project center, 7 days, 24 hours working, provide the non- stop technical support.



  • 18%RFQ received,2D& 3D provided.
  • 36%Quotation & DFM confirmed.
  • 56%Sampling.
  • 78%Customer confirmed
  • 90%Production.
  • 100%Inspection & delivery.
  • 100+%After sales service.


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Shenzhen like Precision Technology Co., Ltd

LIKE Precision Technology Co., Ltd

LIKE LSR focused on the production of customized injection molded Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) parts and LSR overmolded parts. It serves automotive components, consumer products, and hygienic medical devices and life science products.